About Us


Humble beginnings with a true respect and passion for coffee.  Consistent flavor and consistent products.  MoJo’s was founded in Wiggins, Colorado by Chris and Leslie Beery in 2004.  With a store front for 2004 and 2005, coffee became more than just a passion, coffee was a way of life.  After closing the coffee shop to pursue another retail flip, MoJo’s became internet only.  Since 2004 MoJo’s has developed into a full internet site with news, training, coffee, and other retail gift and kitchen items that are rotated on a seasonal basis.   The site is geared towards the coffee lover, home roaster, and wholesale clients who wish to serve and sell MoJo’s coffee in their business.

Chris and Leslie moved to Wiggins, Colorado in 2001 to leave the urban life in Denver and find a more relaxed way to live.  As with all their ventures, MoJo’s was started with a personal interest and spark of hope for a lasting business.  While operating MoJo’s as a full service Web Store, we also attend Farmer’s Markets, events, and other private parties.  MoJo’s also provides gift baskets, fund raiser boxes, and wholesale options.  Coffee consulting is available for those operating a coffee retail shop, cart, or restaurant.  Check with us on a great coffee selection for your customers while staying profitable.

Going to work everyday for us is fun because we found something that we both believe in and have a true love for.  Coffee!  We enjoy working together to bring the best to our customers and continuing to grow the business to further supply every need for both retail and wholesale clients.  We are customer driven and rely on feedback and suggestions to grow professionally ourselves, and as a great business.

Contact us anytime,  We love to talk coffee!