The Surviving Project is a family that strives to increase awareness about suicide and provide support, comfort, love, and hope to those whose lives have been forever changed by the loss of a loved one by suicide.  We are survivors of what is sometimes described as the most debilitating and complicated grief known.  The Surviving Project was created within one family’s journey through this grief as a way to give back to others and provide support and understanding in the days, weeks, months, and years following the loss of someone so special in their lives.  Our mission at The Surviving Project is to survive this incredible pain through helping others.  We are not licensed professional psychologists, we are something we find more valuable, we are Suicide Survivors and survivors of many other issues and traumas that have left us feeling similar to what you are going through.  Whether it be suicide, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, etc., we want to help in ways that we have identified as “lacking for resource”.  We want to help you while we step through our own recovery on this unexpected journey.

The Surviving Project is a family project headed by Leslie Beery to assist those in need of support.  We also advocate for suicide prevention, assessments, intervention, mental health services, responsible media reporting, and positive reinforcement for healthy lives.  Using experiential knowledge, The Surviving Project utilizes people from living through a particular experience such as substance abuse, suicide loss, depression and other chronic physical or mental illness, or a traumatic event such as combat, a natural disaster, domestic violence or a violent crime, sexual abuse, or imprisonment. Experiential knowledge tends to be unique and develops a mutual trust, credibility, and openness to solving issues and entering a peer supported recovery.


Welcome to The Surviving Project.
Leslie Beery, Founder